Postliberal Thought

Liberal society will not be converted by Christian promises of more freedom, more prosperity, more security, more “happiness” – in short, by more liberalism. Liberal society will be converted by the allure of the Gospel that places all these goods within a more fundamental good, which is ultimately the love of God and neighbor. Working toward this “allure” is the mission of Postliberal Thought.

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The Journal

The goal of our academic journal, Postliberal Thought, is to steadily replace the liberal lexicon with the Christian lexicon, until Christianity is a natural tongue, rather than a dialect that is merely tolerated within the hegemonic language of liberalism.


The Conference

At least once a year, let’s all get together and compare notes. It’s time to build a movement, and in order to do that we have to be friends. Coming Soon. Subscribe to stay updated.


The Magazine

Bad Catholic will become the core publication of a burgeoning radical Catholic subculture of thought and art. Coming Soon. Subscribe to stay updated.


Research Fellowships

Ideas do not merely rule the academy, but every industry. Thus, the Fellowship will not merely be for full-time academics; it will be for people who hope to challenge the industries that they are in by giving them the space and resources to think and theorize in a postliberal manner. Coming Soon. Subscribe to stay updated.


The Digital Stuff

Text is best held in your hand, audio and video is best delivered digitally. Postliberal Thought is recording discussions like crazy. Coming Soon. Subscribe to stay updated.


Summer Seminars

With our summer seminars, we’ll instruct undergraduate and graduate students in a political and economic philosophy that challenges their minds and satisfies their souls. Coming Soon. Subscribe to stay updated.