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The political philosophy and theology of liberalism, with its focus on individualism, competition, and unending technological progress, has structured the language of modernity. Now, as liberalism is breaking down, this language is failing. Its tired binaries – liberal/conservative, private/public, religious/secular – no long satisfy. The language of liberalism obscures more than it reveals.

Many Christians have felt this dissatisfaction, but are unable to articulate an alternative. Our imaginations are constrained. To see more, we need to remove the liberal lenses from our eyes. And to say more, we need to remove the liberal lexicon from our lips.

Postliberal Thought is a web and soon-to-be print journal which aims to lead the discussion on “what’s next” for the West, by systematically deconstructing the major “key words” or categories of liberalism, and reconstructing them according to the logic of Christianity. What does freedom mean? What is the State? Is secular just another name for pagan? Is sacrifice avoidable — or is it just a matter of to which god it is offered?

One concept at a time, we are creating a lexicon that will give Christians a natural voice. By freeing ourselves from the obligation to take liberalism as the real against which all else is measured, we will open the door to genuine proposals for a Christian society. It’s time to think Christian. Subscribe for free to begin.